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Max Steingart  Prospecting
Mastery Boot Camps
"Thanks to your "endless" internet marketing talents, I'm generating more new prospects and getting more online customers than ever... Your talents, expertise and commitment come through time and time again. I can't thank you or appreciate you enough. You're a rare find."

~ Max Steingart, Prospecting Mastery

Patrick Wanis
Life Coach,  Clinical Hypnotherapist, PHD
"Dear Jake, I wanted to say thank you for the great marketing results you have produced for us. I sincerely admire, respect and appreciate your talent, devotion and commitment to the project and believe that you are an invaluable addition to the success of our message and product. We expect to enjoy great continued success with you."

~ Patrick Wanis, Celebrity Life Coach
Online Hotel Reservations
" In 2002 offered me 7 figures to STOP crushing them in the online South Florida hotel reservation biz... they just wanted me to go away, and stay away... the timing was right... I took the money." 
~ Me (Jake Steingart)  

Chris Attwood
Of Chris and Janet Attwood's Passion Test
"Thanks so much for this, Jake. Well done! I have shared the results with my partners. I will talk with them tomorrow and we will discuss what the next step with you can be. Also, with your permission, I'd like to introduce you to Dr. Alexandra Gayek. Alexandra is a very talented and knowledgeable naturopath. She's at the point where she really wants to work with someone who is passionate about internet marketing and has the skills to help her create more effective marketing vehicles for her content."

~ Chris Attwood, The Passion Test

Teresa de Grobois
Author  Children's Books
"Jake, thank you for taking The Presents' Presents to Number 1! The Presents' Presents has topped it's Category and hit #1 on Amazon Hot New Releases a few hours ago. Thank-you from the bottom of my heart. This is dream-come-true stuff for me! A special thanks, Jake for getting us improved copy at the 11th hour and for re-wording the website on short notice. Jake, you are my hero! :-) "

~ Teresa de Grosbois, Author

Marci Shimoff
Author and Appeared in "The Secret"
"Hi Jake, You were highly recommended by Chris Attwood, I am an author and speaker (Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul, Happy for No Reason and teacher in the Secret). Chris says you’re a great marketer, and I’m needing some help to review copy for a book launch campaign. "

Later email reported:

"Made it to #1 and about 1000 signed up through my form : )

~ Marci Shimoff, Author & Expert in "The Secret" Book & DVD

Elisabeth Fayt
Author of Paving It Forward 
"Dear Jake,

Consider yourself kissed and hugged. You are a gifted copywriter, I need you in my business! Thank you from my heart, the marketing expertise you've provided is perfect!!!
You ROCK!"

~ Elisabeth Fayt, Paving It Forward, and in the sequel to The Secret, The Opus

Lynda Dyer
Author, Speaker, also Appeared in "The Secret"
"Awesome Jake!
I'm so excited to work with you, I cried with excitement.
Love to you and your team
I am most grateful "

~ Lynda Dyer, How To Overcome Limiting Beliefs, also in The Secret Book & DVD

Harrison Klein
The Masters Gathering

"AWESOME JOB, JAKE. You are a brilliant marketing strategist"

~ Harrison Klein, The Masters Gathering


Glen Ledwell
of Mind Movies
"I've broken bread with, and shared ideas with Internet Marketing Greats such as Glen Ledwell, Ryan Higgins, Robert Grant, and Jeff Walker's PLM Team, just to name a few"
~ Jake Steingart
"I filled my coaching class in just under 30 days. At $3500. a seat, that was a reasonably healthy chunk of change. I never did any business on my facebook page, but as Jake explained to me, I wasn't attracting the type of people that cared about the subject matter I teach. After making some simple adjustments to how I spend the same time I was already spending on facebook, I was able to attract the right people and fill my class in record time. Thanks Jake."
~ Chris Carther, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 
"I'm a South Florida Realtor and I thought I'd have done much better with my social media marketing than I had... I know the market is slow, but I thought if you build it they would come : ) NOT! I want to thank you for spending that little extra time with me that you did, I can be stubborn and know it all. But when I finally let go of my old ways and just trusted your process, it was amazing. I can barely keep up with the listing appointments I have each day, and I'm getting droves of buyers too.. I'm not ready to abandon my local publication marketing yet (my Broker would kill me) but what you've showed me how to do pulls in several times more business than all others combined. Did you think of this? It's brilliant, can you fix the Real Estate market too
; ) Love and success.
~ Beth Welling, Coconut Creek, Florida  
"I have an MLM business and I was doing the whole facebook, myspace, twitter thing all wrong. I was all about me, me, me until you showed me that it's always about the other person and how a relationship with me needs to benfit him/her. It actually feels much better to give all the time, rather than asking for money and dealing with the rejection and the objections. So, I'm signing people up into my business now (and I wasn't getting any action before) and I'm not having to deal with rejection, objections... and the whole process has become rewarding and I actually have fun. Thanks!!!!!"
~ Tania Austin, Columbia, South Carolina 
"Thanks Jake. I tried the endless leads system and it didn't work for me. I think, compared to your system that it's very incomplete and honestly, I didn't like having to lie about my income and pretending to be some rich person that could make others rich too. Every time I went through the whole process of finding someone (and it takes forever) the rest of anything we talked about was them drilling me on "exactly" how I was going to make them rich. Heck, I don't know, I've not even made ME rich yet, how can I show anyone else!!!??? You said if I led with the money, it would always be about the money and you were right. Anyway, not only did that not sit well with me (I'm a church girl) but it was very frustrating, lots of work and no reward. With your system, I'm really and truly enriching people's lives with my info and products. I'm still not rich yet, but I see the light and am having so much fun, I don't care if I do get rich. Thank you so much.
~ Maria Dimingo, San Diego, California 
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