Jake Steingart
SEO Expert Since 1998
Feel free to contact me, but
ONLY if you are a potential client
and not an SEO company looking
for me to outsource to you…
ain’t gonna happen. Besides, I
already know you’ll not do as
good a job as I can : )

Well, I was going to make a video to explain my “secret”, but a few of my clients asked me not to in fear that their competitors would get their hands on it, and that wouldn’t be good. Because I take-on only one client per industry, per region, and one of my clients competitors could watch the video and follow the steps, there would be nothing to stop one of my clients local competitors from getting a first page placement too, and that wouldn’t be fair to my clients.


“I was managing a gym for 4 years because I didn’t know how to get my painting business off the ground. I met Jake and literally 4 weeks later, my phone was ringing so much, I had to quit the gym to grow my painting business. It’s 4 years later now, and nothing has changed other than having a fleet of trucks around South Florida, and spending lots of time with the Wife and my Daughter. All thanks to Jake and his SEO wizardry.”
~ Anthony Caucci, ARC Painting Florida

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