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By Jake Steingart – SEO Master Since 1996
SEO-ified 4 Page Word Press Website Designed with SEO. Typically, when you hire a company to design your website, the SEO is an afterthought as they are focused on ‘design’ and ‘copy’, but neglect the SEO. Really it’s much better to incorporate the SEO into the design and copy and it’s very difficult, and time expensive to integrate the SEO later, and not as effective.
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Website SEO Review and Consultation
For only $19.99, I will review your website and tell you what you need to get it on the first page of Google’s results for your keywords. Then, you can consider hiring me to get you there, or you can take the info and hire someone else. Simply add to cart, fill in your contact info at checkout and I will contact you via email to get your website URL and begin your site review. Once I have reviewed your website, we will schedule a phone call to discuss:

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Don’t reply to any of the emails you get from SEO companies, especially the ones from India. They know little about SEO, and create busy work just so they can justify charging you month in and month out (forever), and the busy work they do does nothing for your SEO.
Jake Steingart
SEO Expert Since 1996

Most SEO companies I see will send you a long list of work they will preform, and they will charge you monthly to preform these tasks again and again, but you’ll never see any results from these busy beaver tasks they create. Some of the things they will sell you are, for example:

  • Blog Marketing
  • Article Marketing
  • Back-links / Link Wheels
  • They’ll also ask you for a long list of keywords, and that’s exactly what you should not have. It’s better to have a very short list of focused key-phrases. They ask for this to keep you thinking you’re getting something for your money… you aren’t.

And a whole host of other useless tasks that will do nothing but drain your pockets, while making them rich.

Think about this, and it makes perfect sense; Google, or any search engine is in the business of providing the ‘best’ search results for their searchers. Google wouldn’t last very long if they let the SEO companies control the search results just by blogging, writing articles and creating back-links. Make sense?

None of the above tactics will yield any results in Google. What will result in a first page placement on Google can ONLY be achieved by what I do, and what has worked from the invention of search engines, and what will always work. To find out what that is, and how much of it you have in place already, or need to implement, you can learn for $19.99. See the bottom of this page.

“I was managing a gym for 4 years because I didn’t know how to get my painting business off the ground. I hired a web design and self proclaimed SEO company, but 4 months later, I was nowhere to be found. Then, I met Jake in the gym, he rebuilt my site and literally 4 weeks later, my phone was ringing so much, I had to quit the gym to grow my painting business. It’s 4 years later now, and nothing has changed other than having a fleet of trucks around South Florida, and spending lots of time with the Wife and my Daughter. All thanks to Jake and his SEO wizardry.”
~ Anthony Caucci, ARC Painting Florida

Try this; Go to Google and look for ‘house painters’ in Boynton Beach, Boca Raton, Parkland, Jupiter, Lake Worth and you’ll see Arc Painting Florida on the first page every time… organically for sure and on the map too if it’s close enough to Boynton where his address is.

Also try ‘Spray Foam Insulation’ in Fort Lauderdale, Davie, Dania Beach, Miami, Key Largo and look for Kelly Insulation. First page domination.

These are both my clients and I did their SEO 4 and 6 years ago and they are STILL on the first page. No monthly busy work to keep be busy, and you broke either. I ahve many more clients with similar results and they range from Plumbers to Carpet Cleaners to Personal Trainers, etc.